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Exclusively Yours!

Private-Access Fly-Fishing

for Rainbow & Brown Trout

  • Trophy Trout at Noontootla Creek Farm
    A Stunning, Fly-Fishing Only Trophy-Trout Fishery
                      Alongside North Georgia's Newest Shooting Preserve

    • Tooni Cove Farm
      Reel Angling Adventure's Exclusive Mountain Setting
      for Fly-Fishing for Trout on the Upper Toccoa River!

    Screaming fly reels and leaping trout are the norm on the private-access trout waters booked for fly-fishing through Reel Angling Adventures. Managed to support standing populations of largeholdover rainbow trout, our anglers also land the occasional trophy brown trout -- buttery beauties that have eclipsed the8-pound mark! Our guides say they see even larger trout  from time to time, but we haven't been able to get a picture of one yet. Maybe you'll be that lucky angler!

Guided to another successful catch -- and release -- of a trophy rainbow trout

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about how the guides
of Reel Angling Adventures
can lead you to another successful
catch -- and release -- of trophy
rainbow and brown trout
on our private fly-fishing waters.

Fly-fish for trophy rainbow trout at Noontootla Creek FarmNoontootla Creek FarmFly-fishing for trophy brown trout at Noontootla Creek Farm

A Stunning Trophy-Trout Fishery Alongside
North Georgia's Newest Shooting Preserve

Where its headwaters tumble sharply off the north
slope of Georgia's scenic Blue Ridge Mountains,
Noontootla Creek stands among Georgia's trout-
fishing gems, proving stunning wild rainbows and
browns can make a name for a small public trout
stream of the Chattahoochee National Forest.

Just beyond the national-forest boundary, Noontootla Creek flattens its steep gradient to flow across the pastoral bottomland of
Noontootla Creek Farm. Here, the fishery -- that just upstream measures success with 16-inch beauties on public land -- supports trophy-trout fishing on more than 1,500 acres of the beautiful Noontootla Valley where 16-inch trout mark the short side of catches that often stretch 28 inches and more!


Learn more about sporting clays, 5-stand, preserve bird hunts and more shooting sports at Noontootla Creek Farm!

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At Noontootla Creek Farm, Reel Angling  Adventures books half- and full-day fly- fishing trips for rainbow and brown trout that measure up to any angler's criteria for trophy minimums. Four fishing beats of one-half mile each stretch across 2 miles of wooded stream bottom offer challenging  environments for fly-rodders of all skill levels. Beginners enjoy the straits associated with deep pools and sweeping curves. Experienced fly-fishermen tangle with the technical environments of swift shoals, pocket water and low canopies. 

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Fly-fishing for trophy trout on 2 miles of private access to Noontootla Creek

           Brown trout run wild in the cold,
           clear water of Noontootla Creek
           Farm. Many guides consider
           these elusive trophies the best
           fish found on the spring creek in
           southeast Fannin County, GA.


Tooni Cove Farm

Exclusive Fly-Fishing for Rainbow & Brown Trout
on the Upper Toccoa River

Exclusively booked by Reel Angling Adventures, Tooni Cove Farm is a 42-acre outdoors stage located 19 miles east of Blue Ridge. It features more than half a mile of private access to the Toccoa River, one of North Georgia's longest rivers, under strict regulations of catch-and-release fly-fishing only.

All bookings close the waters of the Toccoa River on Tooni Cove Farm to other parties. Share its cold, clear water with up to four of your fishing buddies on half-day trips only. Or consider booking the scenic mountain cove for an event-styled outing, where you can compete for long-rod

bragging rights with up to 12 of your co-workers, friends or family members.

The trout of Tooni Cove Farm are well-managed, moderately pressured and carefully handled. The fishery staff -- from the trio of landowners to the guide team of Reel Angling Adventures -- is in its seventh year of operating the venue, having learned the management techniques important to both the fish and the water -- taking care to maintain a natural environment in which the trout do not become the “pets” some anglers associate with a private fishery.

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  The biggest trout taken at Tooni Cove Farm
  is this 30+ inches long rainbow. RAA guidee
  Bill Stranahan estimated Jim's record-bookk
  rainbow to weigh 10 1/2 pounds.

Fly-fish for trophy trout in Georgia with Reel Angling AdventuresFly-Fishing for Trophy-Managed Trout with Reel Angling Adventures
is an experience of a lifetime that will have you coming back for more! Single-hook, barbless flies are strictly imposed and catch-and-release fishing is practiced. All trips include transportation to and from locally strategic pick-up points, properly scaled tackle (if needed), our recommendations for your selection of seasonally chosen dry flies, nymphs and streamers; soft drinks and bottled water; and a photo CD
full of fly-fishing memories. Full-day trips also include a deli-styled lunch..

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