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Get lost ... fishing for wild trout in the Appalachian MountainsRemote Wild Trout Treks

Wild rainbow, brown and brook trout
are the stars on the wild-trout waters of the southern Appalachian Mountains in Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee.
And you can count on the experience of the guides of Reel Angling Adventures to lead you to one of the most rewarding fly-fishing experiences in the tri-state region,

 including the scenic remote trout waters of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Nymphing for wild browns, rainbows and brookies
takes fly-fishermen deep into the highland streams
of the Coopers Creek watershed of North Georgia.

Wild trout fishing in the Appalachian Mountains

Reel Angling Adventures
leads adventurous fly-
fishermen to the region's
most beautiful venues
where wild rainbows,
brookies and browns
are the main attractions. Destinations include the
streams and rivers of
Great Smoky Mountains
National Park and the
highland streams of north Georgia, western North
Carolina and southeast Tennessee.

Remote Wild Trout Treks offered
by Reel Angling Adventures are, indeed, adventurous outings that
take you on foot into headwater streams and spring creeks where both the trout and the scenery are spectacular.

Our destinations -- Noontootla Creek, Hazel Creek, Eagle Creek, Coopers Creek, Slickrock Creek, Snowbird Creek and many, many more unnamed streams --   are
classic examples of the high-elevation, remote
  trout waters of the southern reach of the Appalachian Mountains ... a large variety of ferns and mosses spread a green carpet across the streamside slopes and

Wild rainbow trout of the southern Appalachian MountainsThe Appalachian Slam!

That's what fishermen on the trout waters in the  mountains of Georgia,  Tennessee and
North Carolina call it when they catch all three species of wild trout -- rainbow, brook and brown trout -- in a single day's fishing.

Wild brook trout of the Appalachian MountainsBrook trout are the superstars of this trio of trout. As the native trout of the region, the brookie holds a special place in the hearts of many area fly-fishermen. Eager to take a fly, brookies are pure hellions when hooked, despite their small size. A trophy native brook trout measures 8 inches or more.

Wild brown trout of the North Georgia mountainsCatch 'em all -- with the guides
of Reel Angling Adventures -- on the watersheds of Noontootlah Creek, Hazel Creek, Eagle Creek, Coopers Creek, Slickrock Creek, Snowbird Creek and many, many more unnamed streams in Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

glades, waterfalls splash noisily from heights upward of
80 feet, and dark hemlocks spread deep shadows over
gin-clear waters.  

Wild rainbows and browns share many of the lower reaches of the region's wild-trout waters. The streams tumble through gorges with steep gradients where pocket water, drains, chutes and short riffles are the standard targets. The darker, slower pockets tend to hold brown trout, while aggressive rainbows hold fast in chutes and riffles. Nymph fishing takes more fish, but the standard fare of regionally important dry flies draw slashing strikes across the stream surfaces. 

 Buggin' for brook trout in the north Georgia backcountry.

Native brook trout occupy the most remote waters, upstream from cascading waterfalls that serve as barriers to the more aggressive rainbow and brown trout..

The colorful brookies are a small trout by typical anglers' standards. But what they lack in size is made up in their spirit. Averaging about 5 inches long, native brook trout areepure hellions when hooked. Taking nymphs and dry flies with  equal abandon, they'll drive stronglyyinto drop pools and jump wildly from the riffles. Trophyynative brookies range upward of 8 to 10 inches long..

There's nothing more sporty than a wild brown trout.Remote Wild Trout Treks offered by Reel Angling Adventures can be arranged as half-day and full-day explorations for both fly-fishermen and spin-fishermen on the region's most tantalizing trout waters where single-hook, barbless flies and lures are strictly imposed and catch-and-release fishing is practiced.

All trips include transportation to and from locally strategic pick-up points, properly scaled tackle (if needed), a selection of seasonally chosen dry flies and nymphs, soft drinks and bottled water and a selection of photos for your memories. Full-day trips also include a deli-styled lunch.

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